Louisiana Probate Lawyers

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Though the Louisiana state laws may ostensibly appear similar to the laws in other American states, they are essentially different and have to be presented and interpreted in a manner very specific to the court system prevalent in the state of Louisiana. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who is well versed with the finer points and knows the ins and outs of the Louisiana Probate Law.

Probate law deals with the estate left by a dead man, to ensure that the assets are justly distributed among the heirs and the descendants in his family, and the creditors are paid properly. A probate is a petition presented before a court to name the representative of the deceased so that his legacy is properly administered. The court publishes a public notification and the parties involved appear before it and are paid their due.

Though the process appears quite simple at its face, it is quite complicated when the depositions of the claimants run at cross-purposes against each other. This happens more often in the state of Louisiana, where the laws are different from other American states.

So if you are involved in a similar case in the state of Louisiana, be sure to hire a lawyer who is well versed with the special probate laws of the state and understands the importance of the legal procedures there. The state of Louisiana requires a certain format for preparing documentation, and only a specialist can understand exactly the procedures and standards set by the state. Failure to understand the state law and follow it up properly may delay the determination of the case. It is therefore advisable to hire a lawyer right in the beginning of the case, rather than trying to settle it through one?s own efforts and be frustrated later on.

A Louisiana Probate Lawyer may have to prepare a notarized testament in accordance with the probate laws of the state before it is executed. Only a lawyer can write it. Like the common cold with multitudinous strains, which can be differentiated and diagnosed by a doctor only, probate problems are sometimes very singular in nature and therefore require a unique approach and presentation for their resolution. Thorough enquiries should therefore be made before selecting a lawyer to deal with your probate problems in Louisiana.

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Plus Size Prom Dress

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Prom night is the most memorable as well as the most looked forward to occasion for any teenager. It is a night of splendor, with people dressed in their elegant best. Prom dresses are given almost as much importance as wedding dresses since it is the last chance to make an everlasting impression.

Prom dresses are typically formal party gowns, long and delicately stunning. There is no traditional way to define the ?best prom dress?. It is the one that makes a young woman feel beautiful and convey the right image-sweet, innocent, sexy or simply stunning. Prom dresses can be bought directly from stores or they can be painstakingly and lovingly designed for the best effect. These days, prom dresses are available in all sizes, for all kinds of women. Ready to wear dresses are available in plus sizes so you need not be a perfect size 10 to achieve a gorgeous look.

There are several things to be considered while choosing a plus size prom dress. It is very important that the size is just right. Each designer has his own size chart so be ready with bust, waist and hip measurements. Know your body type of the body: whether it is an A, H, round or hourglass. Then decide upon the style including the length, color, material, and other design aspects. Most professional designers will help in deciding these aspects.

The most popular plus size prom dresses available up to size 44 are satin, sequined, vintage and the timeless little black dress. Also available in plus sizes are the halter, the hanky hems, the ruffles and lace and the classic Cinderella ball gown.

Plus size prom dresses are can be found at most professional dressmakers. They are also available online. The Internet offers a wide variety of patterns, designs, colors and materials to choose from in plus sizes, often more than are found at retailers across the country. And they offer the option of custom designing a dress and may include alterations, an attractive option for those in need of custom fitting.

There are several websites on the Internet that provide plus-size prom dresses from leading designers like Alfred Angelo, Alyce Designs, Alyce , Anna Scott Designs, Attitudes by Debra, Beyond by Jovani, Cachet, Cassandra Stone, Faviana, Forever Yours, Glam Gurlz, Jessica McClintock, Joli Prom and many, many more.

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How to Create a Lifetime Customer When you Sell Real Estate

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How often have you seen a customer buy from one agency and then a few years later, list with a different agency? I’ve seen it far too often! I always wonder if the agent did something wrong, or just didn’t bother to turn that person into a lifetime customer.

I’ll admit, real estate customers aren’t known for their loyalty. In fact, if you list a house and it doesn’t sell right away, they might take their listing elsewhere even if you’ve spent hundreds on advertising for them. But there are ways to improve your chances of keeping them. And there are ways to turn satisfied buyers and sellers into “Lifetime customers.”

And remember, if your commission averages $10,000 per transaction and people move every 5 years, you stand to gain an extra $30,000 over the next 15 years. Then consider those buyers who like to do rehab. They sometimes buy more than one each year. Add in the friends and family each customer could bring you, and there’s only one conclusion: Customers are worth keeping!

How to keep a listing: Stay in touch during the listing period. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten listings that used to belong to someone else, just because the sellers felt ignored.

So, rule #1 is “Stay in touch, even when it’s difficult.”

It is difficult to call and speak with the seller when there’s been no action, but call anyway. You can tell him or her where you’ve advertised, how many flyers you’ve given out to office drop-ins, how many flyers you’ve mailed to long distance inquiries, etc. Perhaps you took new photos and posted them on your virtual tour. Whatever you’ve done, let the seller know you did it.

In my office we kept track of all activity and mailed a monthly report, along with copies of each ad we had placed in a newspaper or magazine. In addition, we called mid-month just to stay in touch. This practice was responsible for most listing renewals. The important point is, you must make sure that the seller knows you’re doing something regularly to promote the house.

OK, you sold the house. Everyone passed go and collected their money. Now what?

Now you send a thank you letter with a brief questionnaire asking for feedback on your service. It will let you know what you did right – and occasionally you’ll hear what you did wrong! Don’t be afraid of that. Welcome that kind of feedback because it gives you the opportunity to make a friend out of an unhappy customer. Write back and thank them for letting you know and for helping your career by letting you improve your service.

Next, put those names and addresses in a data base and start staying in touch. Every 2 to 4 months is often enough, unless you know that they have friends or relatives who are about to make a move.

Send a magazine article about their hobby, birthday cards, a postcard with a funny joke, a pretty picture, or perhaps an article about getting the house ready for winter. Anything that will interest them and keep your name in front of them will do.

I wrote a monthly newsletter, and if I was late getting it out customers would call to see why it wasn’t there. That was before email became so popular. Now you could do it electronically at zero cost if you write it yourself, and you could add a personal note to really special customers.

You’re going for “Top of mind awareness,” and you can only get that through regular contact. Your goal is for them to think of you first when anyone mentions needing a Realtor.

That brings me to Rule #2: Stay in Touch!

Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter and former real estate broker. She has extensive experience in writing for the real estate industry and related fields. Visit her at http://marte-cliff.com/RealEstate.html and sign up for her complimentary real estate marketing ezine.

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Auto Parts

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As the number of automobiles continues to expand globally, the growth of the auto parts industry has also been exponential.

Auto parts can be broadly divided into two categories–original and duplicate. One should usually use original auto parts, as they are more reliable, durable and safe. Unbranded, locally manufactured or duplicate auto parts could prove to be a safety hazard. Most of the automobile companies provide the original parts for their products if they need to be replaced. Some auto parts are covered by warranties; some are not.

There are showrooms, shops, online stores and your neighborhood mechanic–all of them are capable of providing various types of auto parts. There are certain auto parts which have a very short life; the others have comparatively long life. Certain auto parts are difficult to find, as they are used in those models whose production was discontinued by companies. Generally, even after discontinuing production of a particular model, the car manufacturers try to ensure that auto parts are available for them, at least for the next few years.

The market for auto parts has been expanding at a very rapid pace. There are retail as well as wholesale markets for these parts in almost every big town or city. Many auto parts are available in gas stations, especially those along major highways. It is always better to get an auto part fitted by a qualified, well-trained and certified mechanic. Also, one must be careful about the “life” of an auto part. You must get certain crucial auto parts in your vehicle checked at regular intervals, even if they are not malfunctioning. Some auto parts should be kept as “spares” in your vehicle, especially if you are going for a long drive beyond the city limits.

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Graceful Aging

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So you can’t get down in the floor with your grandchildren without needing a hand or two to help you back up. Afraid you’ll look old, frail or fat, clumsy or awkward? So what? There’ll be precious few moments when the kids are still young, and begging Grandma to “Please play with us!”

But there are life-things you can do, to keep the Hounds of Old Age at bay. The most important, perhaps, is maintaining a proper attitude. Remember what they say: Age is a state of mind. Psychologists tell us that aging begins at age 45. It’s at about that time in our life when we need to veer off in a new direction.

Mind and body are at the center of your self. Exercise at least moderately. Even residents in nursing homes are encouraged to do ‘wheelchair aerobics.’ Listen to music as you exercise at home. Go for a brisk, daily walk around the block, if nothing else.

Maintain several close friendships, other than your immediate family. Go to lunch with a friend, shopping or to church. It’s nice to know that, when your telephone rings, it won’t just be a wrong number. Social connections become even more important as you grow older, to help you avoid feeling isolated.

Learn new things that have always been of interest to you, that previously you might not have had time for. The stock market, the fiber art of the Native American tribes, the novels of Henry James, astronomy and the Big Bang theory, seashells — anything that stretches your mind and makes you think and perhaps even view an issue or experience in a new light. Go to http://www.classicreader.com/ to re-read some of the novels you may have read at a younger age — Flaubert’s ‘Madame Bovary,’ or ‘The Secret Garden,’ ‘Ethan Frome,’ ‘Anna Karenina’ or more than 600 others. You can now read these great works online.

Watch your diet. Concentrate on high-fiber, low-fat. Limit red meat. Accept your body, and realize that you’ll never regain the girlish figure you had at age 30. Wear comfortable clothes that fit but give you a bit of style and flair. Big hats, handbags, dramatic jewelry were made for Older Gals. Enjoy looking elegant, and don’t wear matron?s shoes!

Have your hair done professionally in an easy-care style. You can be much more subdued than Auntie Mame while still making your own fashion statement. Wear make-up and perfume — you’ll feel prettier!

Be open to young ideas without shutting your mind like a clamshell. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have all the answers. So be wary of giving unwanted advice, or thinking you’re the Authority.

Set goals for yourself. “By June, I’ll have accomplished x and x.” Keep an eye on your money — what you have now, and what you plan to have next year. Challenge yourself to be frugal, live simply, and still have fun. Frequent the public library and used bookstores for reading material.

You’re retired and live alone? Make it a point to leave the house at least once a day, weather permitting. Resolve not to be one of those whiney old people whose kids tell one another, “Have you called Mom this week? Is she OK?” You don’t want to be a Duty Call, so don’t be an obligation your children dread. You raised them to be independent, take-charge adults. And now, more than ever, you can still be a living example of How to Live a Life, even in the Golden Years.

Stephania Munson edits ‘Tidbits from the Pantry’, an ezine that is sent to more than 11,000 opt-in subscribers. She recently retired after 40 years in the field of human services, and offers a free email evaluation of a life-problem to any subscriber.

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Anchor Tattoos, Sailors and Early Christian History-What do They All Have in Common?

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This is most definitely an interesting mix of history, symbolism and best of all tattoos. Tattoos picturing symbolic ship anchors have been a huge part of tattooing in the western world for over two centuries. You have probably seen these tattoos on a lot of elderly men. For example my grandfather has an anchor tattoo on his forearm. Originally sailors, navy servicemen, and other maritime workers would get anchor tattoos. These anchor tattoos have become known the world over and associated very closely with maritime activities.

There are regional variations as to the meanings of certain colors, and other adorning symbols that go with anchor tattoos but most often an anchor tattoo is meant to be a symbol of holding one steadfast and strong. Also many sailors would get an anchor tattoo after their first crossing of the Atlantic. Much like a real anchor these tattoos symbolize keeping a person in place or grounded despite what might be happening around them. The amazing thing is the connection with anchors as a symbol goes all the way back to the early Christians. The early Christians of course were persecuted for their religious beliefs and often had to meet in secret. They developed symbols that would mark a house as a meeting place for Christians. Much like the fish that many Christians put on their car today the anchor was a symbol the early Christians used for these purposes.

More recently however there has been a revival in anchor tattoos and there are many new designs that are full of brilliant colors and new design motifs for anchor tattoos. There has been a revival in more traditional tattoos.

As always history, symbolism and meaning provide an interesting overlap of cultures and times.

If you are thinking about getting an anchor tattoo it helps to know the background on them and do some research to find out the different meaning and symbolism of anchor tattoos.

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Overcoming Bad Moods

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From experience, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people
who attempt to improve their states of mind is feeling
motivated to use the strategies when they have already slipped
into negativity. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we
just cannot help but fall into a less empowering mood, and then
we stop doing the things we know we should do to feel good.

For example, imagine that you spent a whole week training up a
new staff or team member, only to discover that s/he quit at
the end of the week. At the same time you realise that your
wallet has gone missing and that the new staff member
incorrectly completed the contact section of the staff contract.


Or this: you spend three hours writing a report and your
computer crashes. You reboot your computer, access the
recovered file and your computer crashes again! This time you
lose the lot and you have to start again.


The chances are, that if something happens to you that
spontaneously makes you feel negative, such as in the above
examples, you would not immediately feel motivated to change
your state. In fact, you WANT to stay angry, frustrated etc.

The trouble is, remaining in a negative state, perpetuates the
very problem that you are feeling negative about. For example,
if you feel angry because someone stole your wallet or broke
your trust, staying angry for the rest of the day won’t help
you to earn the money back. If you feel frustrated because you
lost three hours worth of work on a report, staying frustrated
won’t help you to rewrite it.

In order to come out of the negative state of mind, we need to
associate more pain to continuing to feel negative, and
pleasure to feeling happy again. We have to make a conscious
decision that we want to be happy, and do something about it.

How? As soon as we recognise that we are feeling negative, we
can acknowledge that the negativity has been caused by losing
something we enjoyed, or gaining something we didn’t want.
Once we know what that ‘something’ is, we can combat the
bad state of mind by focusing on what we need to do to fix it.
We can change from an emotional state to a goal achieving
state. Sometimes when we feel angry, for example, we remain in
that state because we feel like it helps to get what we want.

As I explain in my new book, Fast Track
Your Success and Happiness
, If we focus on achieving a goal (even if it is just a little one) we are no longer focusing on ourselves and our bad moods tend to disappear on their own.

So for example, if someone steals your wallet, focussing on the
goal of cancelling your credit cards will put you in a better
state (and be more productive) than thinking about how angry
you are with the person who did it. If you lose a document,
immediately sitting back down to rewrite it will have you
feeling like a champ when you finish. If you are feeling
unwell, setting a small goal (that won’t make you feel
physically worse) will help to shift the focus away from your
poor health.

If you are just feeling TOO negative to be able to concentrate
on achieving a goal, go and do any activity that requires
concentration. For example, if you are at home you could watch
a comedy video (the moving pictures and constant audio stream
uses a large portion of our attention) or if you are at work,
you could find something distracting to do.

The key is, distraction and change of focus, will help to
change a negative emotion even if we are not motivated to
change ourselves.

(C) Copyright Petra Rankin 2005

Petra Rankin used powerful techniques to beat her own long-term
depression. She is now dedicated to teaching others how to be
happier and lead more successful lives. Her first book Fast Track
Your Success and Happiness
is due to be launched in
September 2005 and is currently available for download as a free
instead of paying $19.95. Limited time only!

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